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Know intent of Allies

Leaders should Know intent of the allies... Leadership needs to be wise & develop an ability to see beyond pretentions of deceitful enemies who disguise themselves & seek life-long friendships. If they are naive to accept such pretentious alliances, they have no one but themselves to be held accountable for consequences of such relationships. Surely, we know of live cases where wise leaders end up making such dubious alliances and the world is left gaping. Rasputin. Ramayana too has such an episode. Ravana was envious & actually wanted to kill Vali, son of Indra and King of Kishkindha. He even called him "a stupid monkey" ! Being aware of his boon as hidden in the strength of his tail, Ravana one day attacks Vali's tail from behind. But Ravana lies to Vali when he ties him up in the binds of his tail. He tells Vali that he came seeking his friendship. Overwhelmed, Vali accepts it (check doidle) Vali was fighting with his brother Sugriv. The devout Vali loses his life at the hands of Rama, though he & Rama were not enemies. Vali was protecting Ravana because of his bond of friendship. Rama was protecting Sugriva, because he was his friend. Being enemy of a friend Rama kills Vali. Wrong alliances made the devout Vali die at Rama's hands. Wise leadership has to learn a lesson 

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