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Emotional Boulders

Don't blame Stones for your Emotional Blocks..... We have forever been victims of our own choice. We generally get attracted to chose form over content. We tend to believe the glitter, sparkle and the bling more. Drama supercedes script ! Often in emotional disgust we exclaim our inner feelings with use of the phrase .... "dead as a stone!".  But who says that stones can't communicate ?  Admire the beautiful picture above and you will realise...even stones can communicate the deepest of your sentiments...should you want it to. Unfortunately , we allow the emotional boulders within us from seeing that beauty in the medium.  The real 'emotionally connecting' communication comes from within us. Mediums are only forms of their external manifestation. Your creativity allows you to express these inner sentiments effectively through any medium. Stones don't block your emotions. In fact, the emotional boulders within,  block you from seeing the beauty in stones.Mediums are mediums. The real message comes from within. 

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