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Deep Sensitivity

Inspirational Leaders need to be ultra sensitive. Their devoted followers deeply rever them. Thus they get hurt very fast.  The deep scars such leaders may accidentally leave behind are hard to obliterate from the memory of their devoted followers. Laxmana suffered such pain. Sita doubted his integrity & chastised him for not responding to the Demon's mimicry calling for help in Rama's voice. Rama fired him for lack of wisdom in leaving Sita behind unguarded, fully aware of the Demon's ploy. Classical case of 'Avoidance - Avoidance' conflict in Ramayana which resulted in deep frustration for Laxmana who wanted momentarily to run away to Ayodhya for he could not understand how the two people who he had devoted his life to for 13 years could think on those lines for him. But wiser counsel prevails. He forgives them ... but is unable to forget his deep emotional hurt. 

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