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Individuation - the Maestro within you

'Individuation' - the Maestro within you conducting a synchronised Symphony Most leaders aspire to be 'Inspirational' but are not 'Individuated'. Their inadequacies are a direct outcome of their unresolved self-conflicts between their conscious & their unconscious, between their dispositional & experimental and between their congrous & incongruous. Carl Jung propounded the concept of 'Individuation' ... a process of creating a synchronised & integrated person thru self interventions. Though our mind, our emotions and our spirit are all housed in a common body, they are not necessarily synchronised. Unless a leader is 'Individuated' his incongruity will show up. This will come in the way of his becoming an Inspirational Leader. These conflicts show up easily in worklives..a leader may say something but do something totally different. Process of Individuation is like bringing all the instrumentalists reading from the same musical script under a Maestro who conducts harmoniously under a common baton to create symphony. 'Individuation' can be facilitated but best be induced through serious self Conversations. You need to speak to yourself. Unless you self-converse you will remain unsynchronised. That maketh the difference between effective leaders & inspirational Leaders. 

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