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3 Bedrock Competencies

When asked - what do you assess whilst selecting a C Suite leader, My answer :

Vivek Sthirtha & Utsah If you access different Competency Models to search for this answer, nearly 200 odd variants of competencies emerge. Thence you go on a whirlwind trying to identify the critical few that could help you assess the right C Suite heroes. VIVEK : Knowledge, Experience & exposure that provides wisdom to discriminate & decide between right & wrong decisions for the role, given the available options. STHIRTHA : Consistent balance & maturity that does not get swayed by superfiscialities, shallow influence or adverse conditions UTSAH : Sustaining the resilient flow of energy to fulfill the purpose. Infact, why only selection, use Vivek, Sthirtha & Utsah as anchor competencies also for performance management, career development, capability building, employee engagement & succession planning. Says Lord Krishna when asked by his charioter Uddhav why he allowed Duryodhan to win the dice game... "the law for success in this world is simple. He who has 'Vivek' (intelligence through discrimination) wins. Duryodhana had Viveka. Yudhistir did not have. Duryodhana thus won & Yudhistir lost. 

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