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Vaakya Kaushala - Speech Expert

'Vaakya Kaushala' ... the Speech Expert ! Eloquence in speech is a capability derived from digested knowledge says Rama to Laxman whilst defining virtues of a good Speaker. Rama assessed Hanumana as a 'Vaakyaa Kaushala ' - a speech expert The 5 virtues of an effective communicator identified by Rama for his assessment of Hanumana are distilled as benchmarks for our Management learning : 1. A brilliant speaker should reflect deep body of knowledge (ideally derived from study of the four Vedas : 'Rig-Atharva-Yajur-Sama'). No knowledge, no speech. 2. Speaker should be Humble : Humility 'vinayata' needs to flow from the outlook of his speech despite expert knowledge. Desire to Convince should be the purpose. 3.Speaker's body posture should support his speech & not distract attention 4.Effective speaker should have a 'Melodious lilt' in his voice & should deliver with consistent speed, right volume & charm. 5. Speech should be delivered with Clear Vocabulary, supple eloquence & charm. Superfiscial drama should be avoided. Ability to effectively communicate & present well to various stake-holders, is a 'Critical Success Criteria'. All known Competency Models, without fail include it. The 5 wise virtues carved from the epic may help us understand a little better. 

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