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Nurture or Nature

Think about it ..underbelly of all confusions around Leadership is directly wired to the unresolved debate on 'Nurture or Nature'. Our people strategies, beliefs & programs would have been totally different, if there was finality to the debate -whether human behaviour is determined by environment (prenatal or during ones life) or by a person's genes ? Goldberg researched. The Big 5 factors of personality: 👉Openness 👉Conscientious 👉Extraversion 👉Agreeableness & 👉Neuroticism were in close comborbidity in genetical as well as environmental domains.Thus the inconclusive debate lives on This debate is reflected even in Ramayana. Arun was Surya's charioteer. Dressed like a beautiful woman - Aruni, he goes to private party of Indra for fun. Indra is attracted to Aruni & consumates. A child Valli is born. Upon return, Arun narrates his saga to Surya. Out of curiosity he insists on seeing Arun in the Aruni form. Upon seeing, Surya too consumates with Aruni. Child Sugriva is born.Indra & Surya could not care for their crying babies. Brahma thus seeks wonder monkey King Ricksharaja to nurture them The twins reflect thIs dilemma.They had powers of the Gods who genetically fathered them but driven by behaviours of the Vanara King Riksharaja who nurtured them 

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