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Fame & Tranquility: the fighting bedfellows

One of my most favourite essays is - "On Solitude" by the Philosopher Michel De Montaigne, written around 200 years ago. Must have read it atleast 10 times A synoptic view of his thoughts : leaders need to strive for tranquility. Tranquility depends upon detachment from the opinion of others. If we seek fame (which is glory in the eyes of others), we need to keep seeking approval of others. Therefore, if we seek fame, we cannot reach detachment. And until we learn to detach, we cannot experience tranquility.  Constant striving for fame is the greatest barrier to peace of mind & tranquility. Montaigne therefore professed that a leader devoid of peace of mind is a confused man in search of an endless goal. Instead of looking for approbation & mass approvals,  leaders should learn to think clearly, in more thoughtful and rational manner.  Leadership thus needs to be Courageous, ready to standby its convictions, irrespective of its popularity or acceptance.  I personally make reading this Powerful essay - On Solitude (followed by a 2-way discussion) a primer of my C-Suite Behavioural  Coaching. Wish to become an 'Inspirational Leader' ? Strongly suggest you too read it. Popularity is not necessarily a path of right Leadership. 

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