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Talent Assessment in ancient epics

Selection between a very good & a bad candidate is not tough. The obvious difference drives the decision. The real challenge in assessment arises when contrarian logic has potential to drive the selection decision. That is when the selector's wisdom assumes criticality. Rama was in one such dilemma.He had to choose between Vali & Sugriva as his partner in search & release of Sita from clutches of the mighty Ravana. Recommendation for Sugriva came from Shabari. Rama shortlists Sugriva but puts an evaluation process to arrive at a sound conclusion. Rama justifies to Laxmana Sugriva's selection. He explains that Sugriva's simplicity, outright acceptance of his shortcomings, wiser lineage & acquired wisdom through experience out-weighed his drawbacks which could actually be coached. Vali was stronger. Ideally more formidable for battle with Ravana. But he was autocratic, crazy for sensuality, blindly lustful, lacked discretion & character(abducted his brother's wife). Thus Rama rejected him despite being stronger. Lesson for TA .... it is not necessary that the strongest candidate is the best. Candidate with the right value systems & a strong emotional connect with the drivers of the purpose is best. Select for attitude, train for skills. 

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