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  • Adil Malia

A Maniacal Blunder

I have often come across this reverse story with a spicy twist.The twist of politically ambitious followers conspiring to upstage the Manager to gain power ! Quite a few may have first-hand experienced such palace intrigues in Corporate settings..either as a spectator or a victim. Hopefully, not as a villan of the conspiracy. Interesting twist on the Ramayana track. Lord Vishu takes birth as Rama. All demi Gods advised to be born as 'Vanaras' to help Rama cleanse the world of evil unleashed by the demon King Ravana & thence set guiding norms for good living in life. Vali was one such powerful demi God born as a Wonder-monkey ordained to support Rama.Vali symbolises our theme character. Deputed to perform a supporting role to Rama, ambition makes him over-step. His hidden agenda was to prove that he was stronger than Ravana by killing him. He grossly mistakes Rama's role only to be killing Ravana. He thus did not support Rama but assumed the task of killing Ravana. Vali therefore did not align with Rama. Rama thus supports his weaker brother Sugriva to kill Vali. It is good to be ambitious..but despite high potential, one should never be blinded by maniacal aspirations to surreptitiously attempt snatching power from their Leaders. Hope lesson learnt. 

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