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Breaking-down Silos

There is more to everything than what you can see with your normal eyes. Our perspective gets tunnel visioned by our Education, Experiences and Exposure. We thus see only limited things that we are accustomed and trained to see. Unless we learn to breakdown these silos we operate from, we cannot see the full picture. We literally mistake the trees for the forests ! Our super-specialised education, classical training & functional exposure limits our understanding and blocks us from seeing the consolidated view. We mistakenly believe the few familiar pieces we see to be the big picture and thus miss the larger full-screen view. We must break-down silos that block the real picture from coming up or we are no better than the blind. Infact worst-off. Seven blind men may have seven confusing perspectives of the proverbial elephant due to their vision blockage. Understandable. The problem is that seven men with normal vision who can have one consolidated perspective , have 7000 as they prefer to get figuratively blinded by their siloed behaviours !!! 

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