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'Gigsters ' & 'HRisters'

Gigsters are citizens of corporations in a new age economy that prefer short-term uncertain assignments over classical long-term careers. Built by sourcing temporary people with flexible jobs, new age Companies unlike their primitive corporate cousins also prefer to hire independent freelancers instead of full-time employees to tide-over market uncertainties. Gigsters are in a loose federation. Gigsters decide the number of months, hours in a day & the days in a week they wish to be occupied. Gigsters are generally 'out of sight' and that is understandable considering the peculiarity in the nature of their employment. But Gigsters when 'out of mind' have huge potential to get disengaged & pose a big problem. To fire-up Gigster's passion the HRisters build strong bond of committment to the Corporate Purpose by a. ...developing strong set of rituals for Gigsters to clutch-on to b. ...offering a lot of merchandise for the Gigsters to use & identify with the larger brand c. ...investing to know Gigsters better to bespoke developmental and motivational offerings. Unless managed creatively, disengaged Gigsters becoming 'Gangsters' (!!!) & colaterally damage the system. HRisters rather be alert. 

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