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Please, be my Super Salesman

Seriously, if you really know a leader  ... who believes he has to do everything by himself because no one else can do it better than him ... who socializes with everyone but has no time to meet his team members to provide guidance even in critical matters ... whose complicated personality makes solving the Rubik's Cube look like a Kinder-Garten assignment ! ... whose style of working is influenced by his deep knowledge of Division which is deeper than his knowledge of addition or multiplication ... who despite having the above flaws, keeps rating you down in your Annual Performance Review for 'Leadership & Collabolarative Skills'   He is actually a victim . He thinks he is healthy till suddenly one day, the entire system will majorly collapse and the organisational cardiologists will pronounce him dead .... reason  'Leadership Mayocardial Infarction' !  Please, please, please refer him (and also his reporting Manager) to me. In the professional interest of enhancing quality of Corporate Leadership, I promise to Coach both of them, pro-bono. Seriously ! 

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