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Theory of Learned Helplessness

Set-backs are not a matter of choice. However, people who believe that causes of the set-backs are temporary & changeable, bounce back quickly & do not become helpless when they face set-backs again. It is thus all about ones experiences, beliefs & lessons learnt.  Those who face set-backs & believe that problems last forever & nothing can change the situation become helpless, passive & lose ability to bounce back when they face subsequent adversities.  Lessons learnt are based on the Theory of 'Learned Helplessness'..(Triadic Design Experiments)  Group A was exposed to a noxiously loud noise. They could but escape the effect if they pushed a button in front of them. They experienced control. Group B was exposed to the same noise but irrespective of what they did with the button, the noise intermittently continued.They experienced helplessness.  Group C was exposed nor experienced anything.  The 3 groups were again exposed to different adversities. Lessons in adversity reactions were drawn based on behaviours of Group Members the second time over based on their experiences the first time.  Never let experiences make you believe that you are out of control & cannot change the situation. That's how one builds adversity quotient in uncertain times. 

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