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Always a Career at Cross-roads

We are all and forever at career crossroads. This appears to be a worrisome domain that has beleaguered not only large corporates but also successful professionals. The 3 Career Gordian knots that are often called out for help are ... 1. What makes people stay in a Company & opt to evaluate internal growth options at times, with lower benefits vis-a-vis attractive promises of EVPs held out by potential new employers ? 2. What EVPs should COs design to make it attractive for 'hi-per/hi-pos' to stay back & be long-term citizens of the Enterprise ? 3. What makes mid-career people who join a Co from elsewhere,stay on with you and thence seek to build a long career ? I am no Pied Piper and I can't teach you to play the 'stay on with me' melody on the flute to make you retain your people particularly when they are at a cusp of attractive choices or at a crossroads of meaninfgul career options. It is much deeper problem requiring detailed analysis and I can certainly help you with that challenge. But that is for another day. A quick narration of this beautiful work of Derrick Carpenter called - 'Crossroads' (see doodle) should throw you an immediate life-anchor to help you loosen the career Gordian knots if not cut it the way Alexander did !!! 

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