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Don't Worry - Be Authentically Happy

Unless you really understand 'authentic' happiness, you will keep doing things you like but yet not be really happy. Human mind is engineered to wrongly associate 'happiness' with superfiscial mood & quick cheer. 'Buoyant Happiness' is often confused with 'authentic happiness'...buoyant is temporary 'lollipop' happiness ( you lick a lollipop, you feel momentarily happy !!) What therefore is Authentic Happiness..goes the popular question ? If one like a Surgeon dissects 'happiness' with a scalpel in an Operation Theatre, one would find 3 parts to it : First , 'Positive Emotions' . These are experiences in life which one gets whilst brushing with events that trigger reactions like happiness, ecstacy pleasure, warmth Second, 'Authentic Engagement'. This reflects total involvement .. getting 'one with the flow' of events. You see a movie or hear a song and you get totally absorbed in it. Authentic Engagement triggers Positive Emotions. Third, 'Connect'. Authentic engagement should be connected with the larger purpose & meaning of life. Only when that is 'Connected' does 'Authentic Engagement' trigger 'Positive Emotions' which lead to Authentic Happiness. Engagement is thus important but Connection is critical for Happiness. 

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