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Flourish Don't Command

Commanding Signals mutate Intelligent Compliance. First Time Managers (FTMs) upon taking charge soon realise that leadership is more than a power position. Lessons draw home... it is certainly no where like driving a car where the wheels turn left when the driver turns the steering-wheel to the left !!! FTMs soon realise that when direct reports are told to do something, they do not necessarily respond the way they are expected. And this has nothing to do with their hearing skills, louder as the FTMs may shout !!!. More talented the subordinate, lesser the chances of immediate compliance .... pheeeew !!! To bring people around and help them flourish, you can't afford to be a dictator ! Do not tell them what the hell they need to do. When they get commanding signals, most people react as if subtly and indirectly they have been told that they are 'dumb - asses' ! You can make people flourish in your environment never by being a Directional Commander ! You can do that only by making people feel valued and meaning fully contributing to ideas and strategies.   You need to listen, understand, involve, connect and engage. Only in such an eco-system people flourish !!!

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