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What keeps you up

'What Keeps You Up Each Night ???' To this quintessential albeit hackneyed  question,  the guy who got finally selected as the CEO was the one who said  - " ... well being, success, happiness and growth of my people ! ". Not the response of the otherwise highly experienced Manager - "offering value for money to our clients and capturing market share in right segments "  nor the response of the Academician - " creating stake holder value, free cash-flows or efficient working capital management" was the selecting lady Board Director's expectation of the right answer. The Inspirational Leader's response... "well being, success, happiness and growth of my people" thus hall-marked and got him his selection. Inspirational leaders are like musicians ...each and every note of their emotional symphony has to be played well.  Leaders generally are focussed on seeking support of the right people to enhance their performance. But 'Inspirational leaders spend sleepless nights and tireless efforts to make someone else's performance better. They indulge into serious activity to create a better environment where one can get better output from one's own self. Thus the Inspirational Coache's response won him the job ! The top priority of any Inspirational Leader is the well-being and success of his people.  Don't debate , employee always first ! 

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