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The Happly Plight

No. I will go mad - but I will not go that mad !" Was running a Leadership workshop in Pune, yesterday and the hassled owner and I were sitting together for lunch. I casually asked him - If you were to redo your life and the markets would improve, would you restart an industry ? Prompt and without much hesitation he said ...  " No way, never. I would never start an Industry. Rather, I would start a PE Fund or even put it in Mutual Funds and enjoy life !!! ". I burst out laughing. He insisted on knowing why I was laughing. I agreed upon his insistence and said, let me tell you a story, Sir.   Mullah Naseeruddin's wife was dying and ofcourse he was consoling her in every way and the wife opened her eyes and said, "It seems almost certain that it will be my last. I will not be able to see the sunrise again. Mullah, how will you react to my death ?" The Mulla said, "How will I react to your death? I will go mad !" Even in that serious moment of her life, the wife started laughing : she said, "You cunning will not go mad. I know within a week you will be remarried." And Mulla said, " No, Bibi, I will go mad - but I will not go that mad."  The sad plight of  businesses  

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