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Positivity Influences Badluck to become Goodluck

Positivity Influences Bad-luck to become Good-luck !!  The human mind has magical powers. Just by the sheer power of its thinking, it can convert bad-luck into good-luck. It is just a matter of ones belief.  When faced with the same challenge, people who believed they were lucky, approached the challenge with a greater flexibility. Thus they fared many more times better than those who believed they were unlucky. The 'unlucky' thinker were less flexible in their approach and showed a decline in their passion and level of energy invested as they faced these challenges. This reality more than anything else, led to their failure - labelled subsequently by them as bad-luck. Create & notice chance opportunities, listen to your inner voice & intuition, create self-fulfilling prophecies and be resilient.  Wiseman recommends adoption of these 4 strategie to invoke and invite good luck to your activities. People who greet unexpected challenges & misfortunes with an alternate perspective of what the worst case scenario could have been, tend to be better at coping and adapting. Thus they succeed qua their friends who evaluated likely losses and took a dooms day view. Conert every sign you see as a sign of good-luck. 

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