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Leadership Cognitive Disonance

So often we experience confusion, paronia & behavioural pandemonium in Organisations. Do biopsy of a slice and you will soon realise that the root of this confusion is in the Cognitive Disonance at the Leadership levels. Cognitive Disonance is about situations that reflect inconsistent thoughts, conflicting beliefs or attitudes especially relating to behavioural decisions.  Whilst people are designed to thrive in a state of cognitive consistency, sometimes situationally, they get misaligned. Leadership then has to play a critical role for such Key people to help them realign their cognitive behaviours. Call it internal rewiring ! However, the greater risk is at the C levels where inspiring Strategic & Critical leadership decisions need to get taken. Imagine the gargantuan cost & impact of a C level leader undergoing serious Cognitive Disonance ??? It is therefore critical that the Boards engage meaningfully in the selection of all C Levels & other significant key players in the system to ensure that leaders with such serious misalignment are weeded out before their appointment.  Corporate world is just about experiencing one such 'high impact- high cost' situation, right now and I strongly believe it must be Cognitive Disonance again !!! 

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