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The Cracked Pot

Remembered this little story I learnt as a child . The deep lessons learnt continue relevance as lessons for Leadership even now. This one about an Inspiring Leader recognising capabilities & highlighting need for 'Right Placements'. A village lady travelled long distances to fetch water, each day. She had two pots. One perfect, the other slightly cracked. But she could not afford to change. She carried the two pots tied to a pole on her shoulder (see doodle). By the time she reached home, half the water from the cracked pot would drip off. One day, the self respecting cracked pot asked the nice lady .. "I am ashamed of the crack within me. Everyday, water leaks out & I am not helpful to you." The nice lady smiled & said..."but did you notice the flowers on your side of the path? Notice, there are no flowers on the other side. I always knew your flaw & so I planted seeds on your side of the path. Just admire your fantastic contributions". Simple story, deep lessons.Knowing flaws & potential of your resources is important. But critical is to 'Right Place' & maximize contributions. There is no dream perfect team. Success is measured by a leader's ability to deliver results by placing resources right, maximizing contributions & enhancing self esteem. 

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