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Strike back with vigour

Strike back with vigour . You need to Resurge. Adversity has a tendency to appear strong and overwhelming when it strikes you. Partly because it startles you and makes you wrongly perceive your confidence to be smaller in comparison. You feel resource inadequacy. You feel strategy collapsing.You feel you are losing in the present. You feel you can never rise in the future. You see your confidence collapsing ... your world appears crumpling. That is when you need to speak to the inner you. Pump-up your confidence. Battles are not won by the size of the enemy or the armoury they wield but by the strength and scale of your confidence . Battles are won first in your mind, guts shore up your confidence and finds its expression in the battle field. Digitization, changing market behaviours, economy collapse, shifting consumer insights ... all adversities. 

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