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Horses for Jockeys, role reversal?

A horse is not a jockey . Riding skills are different from galloping skills. Merely because someone runs fast , don't make him the jockey just for the fact that both perform their roles on the green turf ! Learn to differentiate your horses from your jockeys. Both have different competencies, need a different diet, different training, different rewards and play a different role in the winning formula. Certainly, they need different leadership. Mix-up the two and you will get to immediately see and understand the kind of classic drama that unfolds everyday in the Corporates before us to see....horses' behaving like jockeys...jockeys mindlessly running around like horses...lots of energy being spent and yet nothing getting delivered !!! Leadership wisdom is about putting-in processes that differentiate horses from jockeys, designing engagement and reward programs bespoke and suitable for each and thereafter working towards building a collaborative rythm for both to win as a team. 

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