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Sustaining the 'Spirit to Win'

The energy and the prompt start is infectious. Well begun is half done. But remember it is only 'half' done.  Winning the race is about many other factors which go to make up that other 'critical' half of story in which, sustaining the 'Spirit to Win' becomes critical.  In the beginning, you see the horse, the jockey and those well begun half skills which includes enthusiasm &  high-energy. That spirit at some point in the race - unfortunately, wanes. The winning spirit becomes visible only at the finishing point. Real Leadership is about developing that deep skill to be able to identify the potential. A seasoned leader should be able to see that deep hidden winning spirit at the beginning of the race, when others are betting on superfiscial surface skills like smartness of the jockey, the predictable energy of the horse, the palpable initial enthusiasm and the level of visible  energy. Talent acquisition is very critical to enterprise success. Only seasoned leaders should be mandated to do that for your Co. Unfortunately .... fill the lines. You know it best. 

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