• Adil Malia

Organic Talent

Hard as you may try,  there is always a waiting period and the tree can give fruits only after appropriate  nurturing and nourishing is done during that waiting period.  One has to invest an average of 4 years for the Apple tree to start giving Apples, for the Apricot trees to give Appricots, Peach trees for Peach and for the Nectrine, Cherry & Pear trees to bear their beautiful fruits. Some trees need to develop for 100 years before they start giving value !!! Talent bespoke to your organisational has requirement very similar. You have to invest in getting talent with potential and cultural suitability. But that is not all . Once that talent is in, with suitable coaching, orientation, rotations & exposure - (CORE)  it needs to be developed to evolve as future line of leadership for the organisation. Whilst not all the fruits you love can be grown in your backyard, you should ensure that the talent most critically required in your enterprise is organically home developed to ensure steady flow and sustainability.  Stop investing in long term assets at your peril. 

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