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Working in Promoter Managed Cos

So many professionals working in Promoter lead Cos tell of their plight and saga... mostly those who join from MNCs. Let me share with you a few general tips of successfully working in such COs... 1. Play below the radar. Don't be ostentacious in your style. 2. The old-timers who directly report to you, will also 'report on you'. The Promoter will get to know everything thru his network 3. Understand the pace & culture of the organisation. Don't immediately rush to introduce best practices. That is like saying that everything they were doing before your arrival was wrong. 4. Don't ever be critical of the Ownership. Loyalty is critical. 5. Nothing is fixed. Your orders will get superceded by Promoter overnight though he may have earlier approved. 6. Not all your reports or MIS' will be read. That's the pattern, you are not being targeted 7. Old van guards, will report displeasure to big boss & you may be asked to withdraw. Don't make an ego issue of that. If promoter says withdraw, just withdraw. Dont get into long drawn arguments Succeeding in these COs require a different skill-set and appreciation of cultural fine tuning. It is a major adaptability test. And if you have taken that call, you will have to now cross the bridge. 

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