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The Rosenthal Effect

The Rosenthal Effect - Your narratives make you a Winner ! Our narratives directly influence our behaviours. Whenever we experience our committment & actions not contributing to our wins, we need to substitute existing narratives with new positive narratives. Rosenthal convinced Management of an elementary school to let their students take a test he designed which would accurately predict their academic potential. Thus 'The Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition' was administered. 20% of the class was identified as high potential & names shared with the teachers. But students were not told that. A year later, Rosenthal visited to measure performance of these hi-pos. He found that the performance of high-pos had progressed remarkably. Teachers found them to be more curious, better adjusted & more likely to succeed. The teachers said that they distinctly enjoyed teaching the 'Hi-Pos'. Here is the twist - the 'Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition' was a complete baloney .. the hi-pos were selected randomly with no reference to their intellect. Really at test was the shifting narrative - from 'average kids' to 'special kids'. The responses hi-po kids got in terms of Warmth, Teacher Inputs, Response Opportunities & Feedback post the changed narrative, made the real difference. 

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