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3 Competencies For Happy Corporates

We live in a totally interdependent world – participating forever in a dynamic matrix of exchange based on giving & receiving all the time ...

In fact, nature operates thru a unique designed order to create collective happiness thru Inter-dependence, Support & Shared happiness between the different actors in the system. The giver is blessed to be happy by giving...the receiver is happy by receiving.

These norms of creating happiness thru interdependencies apply to Corporate behaviors equally...learning, supporting, sharing experiences, building capabilities, exploring options, experimenting alternatives, sharing resources & building common journeys of learning.

The world would have happier Corporates if instead of focusing on a hundred programs to build capabilities, it would focus on developing only three for its people :

1. Co-creating happiness with Interdependencies,

2. Giving Support & Seeking Support and

3. Sharing - giving and receiving.

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