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6 Basic Fears

Research suggests that if one was to evaluate the fears of mankind, they would generally cluster under one of these six basic fears...

* Fear of Poverty

* Fear of Old Age

* Fear of Criticism

* Fear of Loss of Love

* Fear of Ill health

* Fear of Death

Other lesser fears that we have, find their deep roots under one of these basic fears. Napoleon Hill affirms this.

Let me illustrate. You may feel insecure and thus always be under fear at Work . But deep down if you analyze, this Fear finds its root under your basic 'Fear of Criticism and Public Rebuke' (horrible boss publicly shouting you down) which fear may further trigger your fear of loss of employment thus cascading into times of economic difficulties. This is where your 'Fear of Poverty' anchors it.

Having to constantly work under these stresses ( real & imaginary), preassures and fears arising from behaviours of such an aggressive and inconsiderate 'Boss' naturally leads to acute mental and physical health issues. No boubt recent survey conductrd in India indicates that over 45% of all mental health issues find their source in Corporate maladjustments at work.

We destroy our lives worrying about one or the other of these fears that we suffer. Which one that would be your individual fear would be a function of so many factors interconnected to your life.

Most of these fears are baseless. Unfortunately, we make these fears 'fait acompli' - i.e. come alive real time because we imagined their existence and thus breathed life into their presence.

Success is an outcome of your ability to identify your fears, understand them, reduce their impact on your physical, mental & emotional state and build yourself such that you are insulated against such fears should they come alive.

But best would be to believe that everybody has fears and most of these fears are imaginary. If it is within realms of your control, manage it. If it is beyond, so be it. Live and enjoy the present.

'Ita fiat esto' - so be it ! Be a Stoic.

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Parvez Panthaky
Parvez Panthaky
May 13, 2023

With regards to fears, I think man is born to fear. I remember as a child my biggest fear was loosing my parents. Failure in life was the central fear in youth and today it is fear of illness as I see so many


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
May 12, 2023

Excellent one.


May 12, 2023

If brain filled with God ... The fear is missing and infact he becomes a great moral pillar to all. Thanks ji humbly our respected Adilji.

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