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7 Functions Of The Mind

Our Mind performs 7 discretionary functions. See the doodle. Minding the Mind is therefore becomes very critical as all our successes are influenced and determined by how these positively discretionary functions of our Mind are conducted and managed.

But firstly, we all need to know what the Mind actually does to be then able to sharpen it and serve our purpose.

Epictetus a Greek 'Stoic' philosopher was responsible for identifying these 7 functions.

Epictetus was banished.

in AD 90 from Rome along with several other philosophers by EEmperor Domitian. The tyrrant Domitian was irritated and angry with all the 'Stoic' philosophers who opposed his rule. People favored these philosophers and Domitian had but to sort these Stoics out if his rule in Rome had to continue. He banished them.

Epictetus identified these 7 functions of the human Mind which many years later were published by his student Flavius Arrianus in his book titled - 'Discourses' based on his class notes.

These continue to be true and applicable even now, thousands of years later. Thoughr of sharing it with you. Surely it will help ...

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Sushil Baveja
Sushil Baveja
Dec 19, 2022


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