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Positivity and Negativity are like twins. Born at the same time from the same source. Despite, one drives you to your happiness. The other, to your total despair.

An uncultivated mind at the point of perception, tends to swing indecisively, torn between positivity and negativity. Thus always the consequential bewilderment and disorientation.

Positivity is a state of mind. However, it needs systematic cultivation so that the weeds of negativity are fought effectively by the seeds of positivity. Nothing happens magically. It's a choice you make. You need to commit to being positive.

Having a positive outlook won't eradicate negativity but you will certainly become more tuned to spotting when negative thoughts are creeping in to your mind.

Happy organisations and Positive Workplaces induce individual positivity. Thus one should strive to be a part of organisations and groups that reflect a positive culture that induces , engages and enables happy people to create Value.

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Sushil Baveja
Sushil Baveja

Very true 👍

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