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A Battle Royale

Each day Science works-out in its new gym to develop new Knowledge. Through the day,  it battles old knowledge with the new.

Old knowledge does not rest either. In the old-gym it works-out to build strong muscle with support from old believers and practitioners.

New knowledge from the new gym battles old knowledge from the old gym. Each day. A battle royale follows. New knowledge with new strength and tactics ... old knowledge with until then proven skills and strong old muscles to resist. 

Sometimes, old knowledge wins. Its strong resisting muscles crush new emerging knowledge. Sheer body weight.

Sometimes, new knowledge wins. It's overwhelming appeal destroys all resistance. It succeeds in exploiting chinks in the old knowledge. Sheer youth power, young power, new technology.

New knowledge is resilient. It comes back stronger to fight  another day. Old tires. Needs time to recoup.

The greater challenge of our times that gets us into trouble lies not so much in what we don't know as much as it 

lies in the things that we know, which are not necessarily correct. It is not ignorance as much as it is incorrect knowledge that is the bane.

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