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A Cult-head And The Leader

'Cult' is a strong group of people formed under a Culthead that defines and perpetuates its beliefs, norms of behaviour, rituals, style and the code of conduct for adherence within that group.

A cult-head is also a Leader. But with difference.

Unfortunately, he is a leader with a closed mind-set and total power. A good leader always operates with an open mindset, always ready to listen and open to change whatever is necessary for the good of the group to achieve its Purpose. A Cult-head is his antithesis.

Unlike a good leader, the Cult-head rigidly drives the Cult norms without negotiations, reasoning or tolerance to any resistance or contempt of anti-cult behaviours. The Culthead uses strong 'Rewards and Punishment' mechanisms to perpetuate its beliefs . The followers are rewarded for their 'mindless' adherence. The detractors are harshly punished even for a reasonable detraction.

You resist the Cult by rejecting the culture and the Cult will pull power to first reject you and then eject you from the cult.

Every Leader with an open mindset when bestowed with unlimited Powers is vulnerable to becoming a Culthead. Organisations therefore need to have their own Governance systems, processes and norms to control such behaviours even that of Popular leaders if they go beyond the set-limits.

A Culthead in an open system will be rejected. An open mindset leader in a Cult will be ejected. Both are misfits when cross-placed.

Is your Manager - a Leader or a Culthead ?? More importantly, do check out if your team believes you are a Culthead or a Leader....

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2 comentários

03 de mar. de 2023

A big word cult... No meaning in it... Only one thing exists that's ones own scripture as they are... Which in depth esoteric knowledge verified by activated inner wisdom... And never by surface translation according to mindsets... In which many traditions are endorsed which are never mentioned actually in scripture s... All religions lead to spirituality which is the highest stage attained through religion... Prayers and protocols... All in all... Current or and accumulated..


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
19 de fev. de 2023

Cult is a good concept brought out. It is enlightening. Cult head is more conceptually strong than a leader what we normally talk about. A cult will be more stronger.

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