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A Dangerous Women Bias

Cultural seeding with a bias against women is how I would categorise this fashion. Let me explain.

Most biases built over a historical period of time, actually find their roots having unknowingly, crept into cultural references and then becoming actual chronic biased practices in sociology.

I now see a dangerous trend of making references to women candidates as 'Diversity Candidates'. I strongly believe this is undermining women talent wholesale by acutely broadbrushing their employment as being not on competitive talent/merit basis but only on some protective quota basis.

Whilst unmindful as most of you who use it maybe of its cultural implication, such reference undercuts the D&I movement. In the world of competitive talent, a woman is not a grace-mark candidate. She brings in a distinct competitive edge at times superior and sharper to the others in the diverse competitive frame. 

Let us not allow our culture to be denigrated by further seeding it with such a new bias. Unless you use diversity reference in its true sense, please do not use it to make a general gender reference to hiring of all women. It only makes people believe that if there was no diversity pressure,  the women on merits would not be selected.

Let me stress again ... in the world of competitive talent, a woman is not a grace-mark candidate.

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