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A Happy New Year to you

2020...2021.... the times in our life predominated by gloom , broom, doom and Zoom !!!!

As we pray in gratitude nonetheless tonight and look forward to renewal of our hopes for 2022, let us obliterate our anguish,  disrobe our tensions and create happy moments to indulge in with our friends to resurge our spirits (... naturally, responsibly observing the DMC rules  - Distance, Masks & Curfew ).

I wish you all dear friends a  very prosperous & 'Happy New Year'. Let me share with you this 1 minute clip that so subtly captures the mood of hope , quintessence of the occasion & spirit of the moment.

May we in 2022 leave behind the gloom & doom of our past experiences. May our economy rebloom, may our happiness go 'Vroom' and may Corona, Delta & Omicron go 'boom'.

Happy  2022 ....  " Chalo sajaye yaaron ki mehfil, chal dost daru peete hai " as we welcome the new year

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