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A Philosopher And a Cobbler

What does one do with a Philosopher who professes profound ways of life but whose behaviors reflect neither humility nor empathy ? Gibran, the master of subtlety conveys this resolution thru a beautiful parable(Doodle). The real Philosopher is the Cobbler who serves people with equity for their needs and not their social standing or political references.  Leader emotifies the Corporate Philosophy. Most qualified leaders know the theory of leadership. They know answers to complicated leadership themes if asked in a Q&A format. But when it comes to displaying leadership skills at the people level, they are yawningly deficient. Leadership is not a subject for display in Conference rooms or in Power-Point presentations but a philosophy for practise on the floors & breathing tracks of the organisation where value is created. 'Simon' leaders are bound to fail. Remember the game? If Simon says something and does something totally different, the followers in confusion are bound to all pass out.

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