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A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine

Whist leadership has to perform Strategic elements of its role, it cannot afford to ignore its grass-root and primary role of operating so close to the team-members that they are able to immediately identify those in the team who may be reflecting 'burn-out' symptoms in their behaviours.

Unchecked, such burn-out behaviours could slowly like termite destroy the wood work and culture of the entire team. Thus I would say, leaders be aware.

What should alert and mature leaders, generally look-out for in their team members ... ?

I would suggest that leaders should look out for some of these tell-tale signs :

-Most obviously, the 'Dark

Net' of employee


outbursts : anger,

anxiety, irritation etc

- Constant minor ailments

requiring medical


- Sudden Medical bills /

frequent sick leave for

short periods

- tiredness, fatigue


- complaints of shouting,

screaming, irrational

arguments, other

constant interpersonal


- punctuality,

late-coming, low morale


- sleeplessness ... drousy

looks in working hours

- sudden tardiness in

dressing, unshaven

look, unpolished shoes,

unironed & creased

clothings etc

- performance output

suddenly dropping

- not attending phones,

unexplained absence at


- low concentration, lack

of focus, missing papers

from files, unread

minutes and reports

Alert silent bells should ring in the ears of a leader if he notices employees manifesting such behaviours. Hand-hold them, Coach them , Guide them & counsel thru..

Save them dear leader. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine !!!

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