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Against All Odds

When everything seems to be going wrong and adversity destroys your paved path of success, the question is – what will you do? Will you give up or will you persist and keep fighting past the hurdles and obstacles that come up ?

If your endeavors is driven and fuelled by committment and a strong purpose, then giving up on your purpose is never an option. You’ll have to find the courage and persistence to look past these problems and difficulties that come along the path and instead focus on finding solutions without bothering about the hurdles, limits or challenges.

You are a winner and you will thus do it - risk to find the way through. Unmindful of costs and consequences, they jump into the sea despite the stormy waves.

But what one despises, loathes and abhors is the attitude of the guys who in moments of adversity instead of subscribing to the power of actions choose to keep waiting at the shores for the storm to pass and help to come. It might just end up becoming late.

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