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Ahunavad Gatha

The Gathas are 17 Avestan hymns believed to have been composed by Zarathushtra himself. They form the core of the Zoroastrian liturgy (the Yasna). They are arranged in five different modes or metres

Today is the first of the 5 Holy Zoroastrian Gathas. I am trying to understand the meaning of this Gatha in my own way. Caveat : I am not any scholar of our religion or its scriptures. They may have their own learned interpretations and I hurry to add that they would be more right.

Sharing with you in simple language, what I have understood. Hope it helps in positive spirit.

In summary the recitation of this beautiful song says :

May there be propitiation of the glory of Ahurahe Mazdão - the Creator. I begin to recite this with the help of the name of the Lord Hormazd (the Creator of the whole world). May the splendour and glory of the Creator Hormazd, increase!

Holy Fravashis, I welcome you to attend my sincere rendition and witness that I am in renunciation of ... and I desist from all sins, wicked thoughts, wicked words, wicked deeds, which in (this) world that I may have thought or which I may have spoken or which I may have committed, (and) which have occurred through and which may have been originated by me.

All these sins O Hormazd, relating to thoughts, words and deeds pertaining to my own body, my soul and pertaining to not only this world but also the spiritual world beyond, I renunciate in repentance and recommit myself by sincerely uttering the holy words - 'Manashni, Gavashni, Kunashni'.

May there be contempt of (Angra-Mainyu) the Evil Spirit. Righteousness is praiseworthy. Wish of the righteous is superior to all other wishes, and I pray that those may thus be fulfilled.

I profess myself to be a worshipper of Hormazd, follower of the teaching of our prophet Zarathushtra and living in accordance with the religion as revealed by him.

I am an abstainer from the path of evil , I act according to the guidance of Ahura Mazda to worship and glorify the teachings our Creed : (Fravarãne Mazdayasno Zarathushtrish Vidaevo Ahuratkaesho )

In order to thank Ahurahe Mazdao - the God of truth our bountiful wealth keeper and glorious Creator and the holy Spentas ( bountiful immortals), I join in this holy rendition, which please accept.

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