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All In Your Mind

You win and you lose first in your mind. The real battle in your mind is between the 'Lifting Factors' and the 'Dropping Factors'.

The Lifting Factors provide the enabling environment and the positive boosters that Passionately Drive you to push harder and achieve the purpose that you have set for yourself..

The Dropping Factors are disenabling. They tell you how bad the ground is, how poor the soil, how strong the opponent is, how your past record does not indicate your capability to deliver to the expectation. Your poor self esteem, your low morale all add to the disenabling drops that work on you.

The winner in this battle is the devil you feed. If you starve the Devil, positive Factors will drive you to the Victory stand. If you feed the Devil, he will scare away the Lift Factors from the arena.

Now you have to decide...

1. Feed the Devil

2. Starve the Devil

3. Feed the Angels of Lift

4. Undernourish angels of


You decide. Winning is all in your mind.

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