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Authenticity v/s Bling

Power to Influence is so much more valuable than Power to Control. No Brainer at that. Yet why does it often lose out in the short run?

Unfortunately, power to influence underplays and generally appears in humble clothings and subdued conversations. But the Power to Control is dressed in Guccis and is gifted with high impact dramatic dialogues. Naturally, this evokes short-term instant magnetic attraction. The sartorial Pied Piper thus easily find a hallowed short-term victory over his humble adversary.

So much do we get carried away by instant external display, manifestation and exhibition that we ignore Authenticity and vote 'bling' to power. But this is short lived until Frankenstein reveals his sharp teeth and diabolic intent.

Don't we in the Corporates too get carried away by such external manifestations of the fancier car, the Tony neighborhood etc ? The branded jargon sputing clothes-rack becomes the instant role-model for most compared to his humble adversary. But this is short-lived until the power of Authenticity slowly shows its real intent and Monsieur Gucci dies of anemia, over exposure and acute exhaustion.

Gibran's metaphor 'Garments' conveys this dilemma and drama beautifully. Check out the doodle.

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