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Balance in Self-Disclosure

Self being the central point of all references , majority of conversations that people indulge in - overtly or covertly, has reference to self ! Self - disclosure is extra rewarding. Generally, the purpose of such self-disclosure is to transactionally reposition themseves in a given relational reference. Another reason for such self-disclosure is the belief that it may lead to gaining trust of the other person through display of transperency. Its consequential effect on the recipient of such self-disclosure is not necessarily positive as imagined !!! . Unfortunately, such disclosure leads to conflicts, ego-centricism, personalty bashing and distrust. Most organisations unfortunately face this classic Leadership problem where its leadership does not , on the one hand cease talking about itself, its valour, wisdom and success & on the other hand, want to listen to others ! Wise know the balance and use it positively. Fools unknowingly cross it. Politicians capitalize on it. Organisation climate is an outcome of the collective echo of self-disclosures in the system.

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