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Being Humble

Talent + Humility is the Formula for sustainable success.

Being humble fosters potential talent. Once developed, Talent shows unfortunate tendency to self invite ego. Ego loves pampering. Pampering is the silent beginning of collapse. Arrogance is the unholy child of Pampered Ego. What a viscious chain of destruction !

Seven ways you could consciously adopt without pretense in your life that could help you become humble...

1. Listen to your real inner voice

2. Authentically listen to others and listen to their inner voice

3. Practice mindfulness ... be in the present

4. Ask for help ... let others know that you don't know but so nurture a desire to learn.

5 Show gratefulness to the Universe by helping others become great. Greatness is not a competition.

6. Constantly check. Language of pride stealthily creeps into the language of the talented with an agenda to destroy. Self evaluate & disconnect from the language of pride.

7. Learn to run your race fast. But when others are running their race, be a great encouraging 'cheer leader' !

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