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Better You Focus on Doubling Your Returns on Talent

Each one of us is born with unique talents innate or latent, or patently evident or potential. Likewise, we are also born with a set of our innate weaknesses. Now, the quintessential question ? Is enhancing your potential talent to create better opportunities for your success a better option or is trying to work on reducing your weakness, a better route to your success ? In our growing years, each one of us is WRONGLY fed on a diet that we could do anything we wanted to, only if we tried hard enough ! True, limitedly. Each one of us can outgrow our shortcomings if we worked hard on it. However, the energy, time and resources required to do that is disproportionately high. The real potential for growth lies in investing time & energy in areas where one has natural strengths and talents. If you therefore want to really be great at something in your lifetime, invest in developing your talents. Wisely double down on your talents at every turn.

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