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Bond. James Bond

I love my Martini - shaken, not stirred !!!

The famous James Bond lines are actually my 'mantra' for leaders who seek Coaching to tide over adverse situations.

James Bond as we all know likes his Martini shaken not stirred... some others may like it stirred. It is a matter of choice and style and I forever love James Bond !

Adversity tends to strike at the very confidence of people. Pay-cuts and Job security become a concern. Obsolescence of knowledge and skills, worries them. People are totally shaken up. Depression follows. Suicide maybe a step further, in some unfortunate frantic cases. An army with a totally stirred up morale can't win the war on adversity. The leader therefore needs to step-in and heal. He cannot be just a mute spectator of this.

Whilst a little bit of shaking-up is necessary for the people to wake up from their slumber and reskill themselves with a sharper edge as they prepare for the new unknown roads ahead, an inspirational leader knows where to draw the line between 'shaking-up' his people for achievement and allowing them to be 'stirred-up' and shamed as victims for failure.

Inspirational leadership shakes-up but does not Stir-up people ! Reduce anxiety. Give Confidence. Communicate effectively. Provide support. Coach for action.


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