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Busting Bias Thru Growth Mindset

Positive or negative bias is not fully in an individual's control. People with fixed mindsets succumb to the group stereotypes they get saddled & labelled with. Negative stereotype says - "you and your group are permanently inferior and incapable" OR "if you are short in height, you are negatively competitive" OR "if you are from North-India, you are aggressive"!

People with fixed or closed mindsets in that group resonate axiomatically to this messaging and resonate in linearity with that expectation as if mesmerized to live up to that expectation.

When stereotypes are evoked, they fill people's minds with distracting thoughts - with secret worries about confirming the stereotype. People may not be aware of its presence. Till then, no problem. But the moment they realise that the others think so of the group he/she is associated with, his behaviour shows tendency to make this a fait accompli.

Positive labeling or negative labeling are both a problem for those with fixed mindsets. Positive labels worry them to perform and live up to their historical characteristics. Anxiety of performance kills them. Negative labels block behaviours and that does not allow them to perform differently.

The only members of such a group who can break and bust through such positive, negative or threatening stereotypes are the ones with Growth Mindsets.

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