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Career Paths - Perpetually Work In Progress

We live in a world where everything is defined by moment to moment revealments and post event explanations full otherwise of uncertainties & ambivalent changes.

I get very intrigued by the question some people ask in interviews - " where do you see my career in 10 years from now ? ". The answer is expected all within 40 minutes of the interview the candidate may have had with you !!! More intrigued than that is the desire to believe the answers COs give.

Career paths in any Co are perpetually - Work In Progress On The Road. It is so much a function of the markets, technologies, competition, geographies explored, consumer behaviours , successive performance, growth trajectories, prevailing capabilities etc at that given point of time (leave aside impact of the black-swan events) ... that predictions are undefinable beyond the short-term.

In such an uncertain environment how realistic would the 10 year Career projection so sought be?

Your success in such ambivalent times is a function of your confidence to find your path with a torch in your hand that can throw light on the next few steps. Begin boldly and steer through ambiguity step-by- step with confidence and that is your only way forward.

Navigating Career ambiguities with confidence should be your direction. The long path will always be dim-lit and you have to find your path. Don't chase the path followed by others. Don't believe that the path they find is necessarily the career path you seek. Success means different things to different people.

They may be seeking their path in the maze with their little torches. You switch on your torch and move.

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