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Character Wins The Game

Not a 'Yes Man' is not a 'No Man'. Think about it. Incompetent Bosses are causes of toxic environments. Qualified as they may be, they are but only in touch with their Power needs and are miles away with no desire to either connect or engage with their teams. Toxicity is but a natural outcome. Most people working under them, are casualties of economic preassures. They are aware but they ignore. Others devoid of character become sycophants. But a few respectfully but boldly whilst acknowledging hierarchical seniority convey having not abdicated their right to decide what actions are right or wrong ! Javan's beautiful poem captures sentiments of these few who choose to live life by their character and not by its worldly protocols... "I am not very good at this game called 'Life'. For I have not learnt to see Children crying without feeling pain... For I have not met a king or a celebrity that I would bow down to ... For I have not learnt to be a 'yes man' to narrow minded bosses who quote rules without reasons... For I have not learnt to manipulate the feelings of others to be used for my own advantages then cast aside as I see fit... No, I am not very good at this game called 'Life' And if everything goes well, maybe, I Never will be." That is true leadership character.

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