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Close Out That Puzzle

Life poses many strange puzzles stranger than fiction can imagine. The mystery behind some of these puzzles long remain unsolved. Men may die with unclosed stories. Friends suddenly part, lovers ditch, colleagues back-stab. Such mysteries that people experience leaves them with an uncanny sense of suspense & incompleteness leaving them uncomfortable with an unclosed desire to know how the story would have closed ? Let me explain criticality of 'Closure' a term plucked out from 'Gestalt Psychology'. Closure is achieved when one is satisfied that the unsolved puzzle has been assembled to an explanation & that the mystery is resolved. A person's need for 'Closure' comes from two sources: (1) the urgency tendency - need to find closure as soon as possible, and (2) the permanence tendency - need to hold on to that closure permanently as long as possible If a person does not find proper closure, he or she may arrive at imaginary conclusions that aren't necessarily correct thus creating bias, frustration & depression. All of us are vulnerable to uncanny experiences of life. If you do undergo such an experience, some may advise - " just forget it". But I'd say - DON'T . Strive for Closure of the Puzzle. It will keep haunting you life-long otherwise.

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